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Welcome to Aerleum

Petroleum. Aerleum. 

Transforming air into clean fuels and chemicals.

We strive to power our economy while unf**king the climate. 

Introducing a unique technology. 

And more than a technology, we are reinventing the way we produce essential commodities. We have the fastest path towards price parity with fossil fuels. 


Atmospheric CO2 capture

CO2 conversion

Integrated in one system

It's all about integration.

A 2-in-1 approach, where CO2 capture and conversion happen in the same system.

Reactive Sorbent

Our materials are functionnalized with two properties: the same support can adsorb CO2 and then convert it into a product. 

Custom Engineered Reactor

A streamlined process comes along with a custom design for the reactor. It has been build for scale, versatility and efficiency.

Precision Heating

A process heated in less than a minute? Yes, fast heat and instantaneous on/off switch. It's really suited for what we're doing.

We aim to turn a gigaton of CO2 into essential products.
It starts with methanol.

+ Green methanol at cost-parity with alternatives. + Supplied at scale through modular industrialization. 

+ Unlimited, independent, cheap, renewable CO2. + From anywhere in the world. + All by the end of this decade.

Ready to lead the charge with us?

+ Maritime + Aviation + Road + Chemicals

We're ready to partner, our first pilot is underway. 



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